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Rocky Raccoon Kid’s Club

The Rocky Raccoon’s Club is available to all of our youngest members age 12 years and younger. The purpose of the Club is to teach children the value of saving and expand their knowledge of money and finances. The Club will help build a solid foundation for saving as our young members grow into adults.

Just bring your Social Security Number and a $5.00 deposit to the credit union, and you’ll receive your own dividend-earning savings account and a special Rocky prize. Once your account reaches a balance of $300.00 or more, you will receive a special prize.

Hurry! You don’t want to miss your chance to become one of Rocky Raccoon’s buddies. Rocky plans fun activities for Club members. Parents or guardians are strongly advised to encourage their children to save and watch their savings grow. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members often give children money for their birthday and special events. Encourage your child to deposit this money or a portion of it into their Rocky Share Account to help them reach their savings goals.

For opening your account you will receive a free gift. When you reach $300.00 you will receive a special gift.

So save your pennies…and your parents’ too…it all adds up!!!

For more information on how to join Rocky Raccoon’s Club, please call or stop by the credit union.