Savings Accounts

When you become a member of the credit union a savings account is opened in your name. An initial deposit of $25 is required. All members must maintain a $25 balance in their savings account to remain a member, and demonstrate regular activity in their account to keep it open.

Free Kasasa Saver® Account

This free checking account does more than just pay a high rate — it collects and maximizes your Kasasa Cash® and Kasasa Cash Back® earned checking rewards! Each cycle you’ll take care of a few easy banking activities, (we call them “qualifications”), to have your eligible checking rewards swept automatically to this dividend-earning account. It’s a great way to grow your savings effortlessly.

Find out more about Kasasa Saver’s details and disclosures here.

Savings Certificates

You can open a Regular Savings Certificate with a minimum deposit of $500, and a minimum term of three months.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Altamaha FCU offers a share savings IRA that pays a monthly interest rate. A minimum of $25 is required to open the account. IRA Share Certificates with terms from three months to 60 months are also available with a minimum $500 deposit.


Learn More

Savings Accounts
Learn how to save money and the options available to help you meet your savings goals.
5 min.
Certificates of Deposit
Learn how to use Certificates of Deposit (CDs) as a low risk investment in reaching your financial goals.
4 min.
Get a LoanGet a Loan

Get a Loan

AFCU offers loans for all of your needs. Looking for a new car, boat, or RV? We can help. If you need a savings secured or personal loan, we are here. We can even help build or restore your credit with a credit builder loan.

Join Our FamilyJoin Our Family

Join Our Family

NOT FOR PROFIT, NOT FOR CHARITY, BUT FOR SERVICE. Altamaha Federal Credit Union has been serving its members for 65 years by continuing to add new products and services. We believe in giving back by having our staff and board members active in the community.

Be the Boss of Your FinancesBe the Boss of Your Finances

Be the Boss of Your Finances

Take charge of your finances! Access our online learning portal to learn more about the best ways to be the master of your financial health.

Protect Your IDProtect Your ID

Protect Your ID

Anyone can be a victim of fraud and identity theft. Protect your identity and your money. We offer a complete identity protection and restoration service with 24/7 monitoring for fraudulent activity.

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