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Be the Boss of Your Finances

You work hard for your money; learn how to stay in control of it. Here you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to master your finances, and you’ll have a better understanding of how to use financial products and services. Each playlist contains bite-sized tutorials that you can easily complete at your pace.

Credit Card Education AFCU

Credit Cards

What you need to know about credit cards before you apply. Learn how credit cards work, what features to look for.

Auto Loans

Buying an auto can be stressful.  Learn what you need to know about purchasing and financing an auto here. 

overdraft protection education

Preventing Overdraft Fees

Does your checking account have you seeing red? Learn how to manage overdrafts and reduce the fees you pay.

Credit Scores and Reports

Learn more about the importance of your credit report and how to keep your credit score high!

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